Small businesses are the backbone of local economies and communities. The news of Pho Gabo Vietnamese Kitchen in Fremont closing after5 years as a result of one individual’s complaint and without a substantiated, objective measurement, is disturbing and disheartening. At a time when many small businesses are still recovering from the pandemic, the actions leading to the closure of this longtime Asian cuisine staple in NE Portland are concerning. This calls for immediate and closer review and action.

Portland is a renowned food destination. It boasts an incredible diversity of foods that showcases how the city is an established and growing home to people from across the world. This culinary identity should be celebrated rather than shut down.

In API Forward, we hold close to our hearts our mission of educating and developing the next generation of leaders. We call on the city of Portland and the officials involved to waive all fines, reform subjective odor policies, and reverse the decision to close this small business. More importantly, we ask those involved to set better examples of the leaders our city deserves: fair, compassionate, dedicated to the well-being of our communities, especially the most vulnerable, and relentless in the pursuit of justice.

We stand with the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association in calling for these “unfair, subjective smell standards” being enforced by the city of Portland to end!

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