2019 Forward Leadership Program

Born in Shanghai, China, Yiqiu (Viv) Cai was raised by a single mother until the age of 10 before immigrating to Portland, Oregon. Since a young age, they have explored the many intersectionalities of their identities. However, it was with time before Viv was finally able to de-internalize all the racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia they faced growing up. Today, they proudly introduce themself as a queer nonbinary immigrant from China. Viv currently attends Oregon State University (OSU) for their bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and hopes to study student affairs in higher education for their graduate program. Viv currently serves as a Leadership Liaison at OSU’s Women & Gender Center, as well the project manager for Rainbow Continuum (student group dedicated to LGBTQIA+ individuals). Viv dedicates their time to creating programs and workshops that aim to tackle current issues within social justice in hopes to bring justice and equity for all. Through the positions they have held and their own identity journey, they hope to be able to continue their advocacy for underrepresented communities and transcend from being a student leader into a community leader.

Erin San Antonio identifies as a first generation Filipino-American and is ambitious in pursuing her goals. Hoping to embark on this journey, she will be transferring to Portland State University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in women’s studies next fall.Passionate about helping others, she currently works as a Student Advocate at the Southeast Campus of Portland Community College’s Women’s Resource Center and served a term in Sylvania’s Illumination Project. Being a member of both communities, she works in the direction of tackling and applying the principles of intersectional, multicultural feminism to resist, dismantle and bring more awareness towards sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression.Striving to feed her seed of compassion, she is driven to learn and speak up against the injustices around her to help others find healing in shared stories amongst their communities and through their collective strength and voices.

Sara Tajanlangit is a student at Oregon State University, studying chemistry and psychology. She hopes to become an emergency room doctor and psychiatrist so she can be a first responder for mental illness. She works on research projects to increase awareness about the lasting effects of society and the media on Asian-American mental illness. She dedicates her hard work and motivation to her dad and uncle, both of whom have taught her how to own her identity and succeed while doing so. She strives to be a role model for young children, like her two-year-old brother, and loves to teach and communicate with children through art and language. She is learning Korean and Spanish and how teach complex mathematical theories to children via art and graphical displays.

Taryn Yamauchi was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and is a 5th generation Japanese-Okinawan American. Taryn graduated from Henry J. Kaiser High School as a valedictorian. She is now expanding her knowledge as she joined the Portland State University community in Fall of 2017. At Portland State, Taryn is double majoring in business advertising and marketing, as well as a certificate in athletic and outdoor sports marketing. She is an active member of PSU’s Pacific Islanders Club, the Panhellenic sorority Alpha Chi Omega and has been working at the PSU Millar Library. Taryn is passionate about traveling the world and exploring new environments. She will be embarking on a study abroad program to Kansai Gaidai University in Japan in the fall of 2019. After graduation, Taryn plans to obtain her MBA at PSU’s Graduate School of Business.