2022 Forward Leadership Program Overview

Project partner: Home Forward

Home Forward aims to increase housing stability for households and families that receive rent assistance but reside in homes in the private market. Historically, Home Forward does not play a role in the attempts to stabilize this population at the point that an eviction case is filed.

However, Home Forward has established a focus on improving housing stability and reducing evictions amongst the people it serves. This work is especially important because of the extreme housing stability and eviction disparities for Black, brown, and Indigenous people, women, and children. Home Forward seeks to improve housing stability by using the expertise of API Forward program scholars to match eviction filings data against Home Forward participant data, identify demographic trends, and propose solutions for future implementation.

2022 Forward Leadership Program Scholars

Andrew (pronouns: he/him/his) is majoring in Computer Information Systems and is a lover of all things tech. He is a first-generation Cambodian American born in Portland, Oregon. He is enrolled in Portland Community College. He is an aspiring junior programmer and self-identifying crypto-preneur. Whether it’s software or hardware, Andrew enjoys exploring, learning, and creating projects. He has three amazing humans who call him “daddy” and is married to his beautiful wife. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike, motorcycle, or skateboard. He also owns a few guitars that he picks up from time to time. The climate has changed immensely since he was a kid, and he hopes to be part of an equitable and equal future, for the generations after him.

Anita Tang (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a first-generation Cambodian American, born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. She is currently studying Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. Her core values are focused on growth, education, and empowerment of herself and others. She has been heavily involved in the coordination of the pilot program “Southeast Asian Leadership & Unity Retreat,” which aims to empower middle and high school students to be better leaders for themselves and their communities. She currently works full time as a Plastics Component Operator at Nike AIR Manufacturing Innovations in Beaverton. In her free time, she enjoys peer mentoring, kickboxing, and watching anime. Anita hopes to further her career in community development and support youth empowerment. She aims to be conscious of her privileges and is aware that she has a lot of opportunities to be better for herself and others. 

Daisyli is a student at Portland State University majoring in Marketing and Business Management. Outside of school, she loves volunteering, exploring the city, and finding places to eat. Her hobbies include online shopping, buying shoes, and eating out. Daisyli’s personal goal is to work on her physical fitness. Her professional goal is to start her own entertainment business and provide jobs for her friends and peers.  Daisyli grew up on the island of Pohnpei. Her grandparents raised her with four of her other older siblings. Daisyli moved to the States six years ago without knowing how to speak English. One thing her grandpa taught her is that life is a one-time opportunity–to wake up every day and add value to your life and those around you. Her grandma taught her to be kind and humble.

Min Uk Jeong was born in Busan, South Korea, and immigrated to the United States in 2005 when he was five years old. His experience as a person of color in a predominantly Caucasian population was a culture shock. His first experience of racism was when he was in kindergarten and a classmate stretched their eyes like his. That experience motivated him to learn English to adapt to American culture. COVID-19 has affected my higher education and my race as well. I want to represent my ethnicity and Asian race as a leader in the United States of America and end Asian hate. 

2022 Forward Leadership Program Mentors

Jackie Leung has years of experience in policy and decision-making. Currently, Jackie is a city councilor in the city of Salem, the state capital of Oregon. At the county level, Jackie is a member of the Marion County Health Advisory Board and a former director of the Pacific Islander Coalition at Multnomah County Health Department. At the state level, Jackie is a Commissioner with the Oregon Commission of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs and also serves on the Department of Human Services Domestic and Sexual Violence Fund Committee, the Hunger Task Force, and the Maternal Mortality Review Committee. Jackie is also a member of the Mayor’s International Council for the City of Salem and a former Commissioner with the Salem Human Rights Commission.

Jackie has an educational background in law and public health. Before moving to Oregon, she lived in Iowa, where she attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a master’s in Community and Behavioral Health. In Iowa, Jackie worked extensively with the Latinx and migrant farmworker communities, focusing on healthcare access and utilization of health services, and was an HIV tester and counselor. Jackie moved to Oregon in 2011 to attend Willamette University College of Law, where she graduated with her law degree in 2016. After graduating from law school, Jackie worked as a Hatfield Fellow through Portland State University at the Department of Transportation.

Jackie has extensive experience working in non-profits. She is the Executive Director and Public Health Advocate of a statewide non-profit that provides services and programming to Micronesian and Pacific Islanders in Oregon and in Southwest Washington. She is the President of the Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health (APIC) and a 2020 Health Rising Fellow with the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum. As a domestic violence survivor, she spends a significant amount of time advocating for survivors of violence.

Jackie is married with four children. She enjoys visiting a local community garden with her family.

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson identifies as Native Hawaiian, Filipino, and Japanese. She is passionate about creating leadership opportunities for students, especially those who identify as Asian and/or Pacific Islander. She is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the field.

In January 2021, Ashlan launched her own business, AshbeanPDX Marketing, working with nonprofits and small business owners to define and execute their marketing strategy. Ashlan holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing from Portland State University (PSU). She completed a Certificate in Nonprofit Program Evaluation with the PSU Nonprofit Institute. During her time at Portland State University, she served on the board of Kaibigian Filipino American Student Association and volunteered with the Pacific Islanders Club. She has been a mentor in the past through the Portland State University School of Business and AMA PDX Mentorship Program. She is an active volunteer in her community and serves as the Board Chair of Betties360, President of AMA PDX – the American Marketing Association in Portland, and board member at large with the Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO).

Through these organizations, she continues to increase her knowledge, strengthen her leadership skills, and expand her network to better serve her clients. In March 2020, she was recognized for her service to the community as a Portland Trail Blazers Hometown Hero by Director’s Mortgage. Ashlan lives in North Portland with her husband Jon.

Program Results

Daisyli Dick, Min Uk Jeong (Left to Right)

$6,000 Scholarship for Team The 3 Ps

What the Team has to say:

“Over three months in the program, I experienced teamwork, humility, and time-management skills. I balanced my schoolwork during the week, and set aside an hour of time every Wednesday to meet with my group and mentor, Ashlan.”

“I learned how to filter out a large data set to variables using pivot tables and equation shortcuts for calculating an average or count of data set.”

“The program helped me network with like-minded people with the same interests as me.”

“With this experience, it gave me confidence and motivation I couldn’t get anywhere else. I am very confident in using excel to create graphs and understand bigger data.”

“I have learned how to communicate effectively and worked under stressful situation. This project helped me learn dedication and self-actualization.”

“… had it not been for this experience, I wouldn’t learned about the eviction rate here in the Multnomah County. The knowledge, experience and confidence, I owe it all to this incredible experience.”

Andrew Jackson, Anita Tang (Left to Right)

$3,000 Scholarship for Team The A Team

Team Reflection:

“Working with my partner in the A-Team, I was able to lean on him to offer support when my nerves were getting the better of me and I was able to do the same for him.”

“[I have learned that] it’s important to advocate for myself and take action rather than wait for someone to check-in.”

“[I have learned that] building a rapport with my teammate(s) needs to be a focus at the beginning of the project process to help each other get comfortable communicating with one another to move forward with the project.”

“[I have learned that] keeping my ego in check; asking for help when needed and admitting when I don’t know something are important parts of being a leader.”

“Navigating through work, school, and anything in general post COVID — has proven to be a difficult yet worthy learning experience for me. Participating in this project was a true testament of perseverance to me.”

“… the great resources API Forward offered in providing help, and any needed accommodations. It all made for a good project environment.”