PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct.  12, 2022) – API Forward, a Portland, Oregon-based leadership education nonprofit, announced that the two founders of API Forward, Ping Khaw and Tracey Lam, had transitioned out of their roles as the organization’s board president and secretary on June 30. Christian Aniciete and Alaina Robertson started serving respectively as the new president and secretary of API Forward.

During their seven-year tenure, Khaw and Lam developed a series of forums and workshops for professionals of color, established the Forward Leadership Program for college undergraduates, and produced an annual student leadership conference – successfully growing the grassroots organization to an established name in the Portland AAPI community.

In addition to the external work of cultivating future leaders in the AAPI community, Khaw and Lam took the mission inward to its board members, providing leadership opportunities to the next generation of board members and for them to carry the torch of the API Forward mission in AAPI leadership education and advocacy.

“I am excited that the organization Tracey and I created is ready to be passed down to new API leaders,” Khaw expressed. “We want to give the next generation an opportunity to step up and make their mark. It’s thrilling to see that as we help develop new API leaders in the community, we are also able to do so within the organization. Tracey and I will continue to support API Forward, but it is time to let the next leadership shine.”

Lam added, “When Ping and I founded the organization, we knew that we had to create an environment for leadership development within our board. We are proud to see the growth in all the board members and can’t wait for the new leadership to spread its wings. I want to congratulate Christian and Alaina on their new appointment. I know they will make the organization stronger and brighter.”

To continue the legacy of Khaw and Lam, Aniciete and Robertson will lead the current board in new initiatives, community involvement and grant works.

“Back in 2019, when Ping first approached me to join the board, I felt very honored, given my passion for the AAPI community work,” Aniciete said. “Over the past few years, I worked side by side with the board and strongly believe in the mission of API Forward. Being able to lead the organization is an honor. I want to thank Ping and Tracey as well as the current board for all the support. We have some exciting work coming up and I look forward to continuing growing API Forward together.

Robertson further explained, “Besides API Forward’s existing programs for the community, we are also focusing on the organization’s internal structure and projects. I’m excited to dive in with our current board members and continue building on the foundation that Ping and Tracey had created.”

Although Khaw and Lam stepped down from the board leadership roles, the transition does not mean the end of their involvement with API Forward. They will continue to be a part of API Forward and volunteer their time in important projects and initiatives. For the new board team, please visit https://apiforward.org/board-members-volunteers/ for more information.


Media Contact:
David Pan